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What will my new email address be?

Email will be  This will be the same account staff are currently using for Google Drive.

What is the timeline for the district migration off of Lotus to Gmail?

All technology staff members – October 1, 2014
Early adopters – October 30, 2014
All remaining staff – Nov. 17, 2014

Will I still receive email if someone sends to my old address

Yes, all staff members will have an “alias” added to their new account and automatic forwarding placed in Lotus.  So, if you receive an email to your old email address it will automatically come to your new account

What happens to my contacts stored in Lotus?

Staff members who have contacts stored in their Lotus account are encouraged to begin going through those to make sure they are current and updated.  At the time of migration, each staff member who wants their contacts moved can simply go into them in Lotus > select them in the personal address book > and choose Forward VCard.  You will forward them to your Gmail account and they can be added to your contacts there.  Specific directions will be given at a later time.

How much mail will the district move over to Gmail?

During the migration process, all “active” email will be moved.  This means mail that has not been stubbed and placed in our archives.  Based upon when your account is migrated this will be approximately 3-4 months of mail you have in your inbox and folders.  Then, Lotus will remain open for a few weeks for end users who find they need an email from Lotus.  They can simply go into Lotus and forward over to Gmail.  Specific dates will be communicated to end users on the shut down of Lotus as the migration draws closer.

Will my Lotus calendar be migrated to my Google account?

Yes, the migration process should pull all calendar entries.  However, we are strongly encourage end users to double check their calendars in Lotus and compare to their Google calendar after migration.  If you notice anything you would have to re-input the item into Google.

Will the district provide training resources?

Yes, instructional technology is working on building a site that will not only have links to videos, documents and FAQ items but they will also host some events where individuals can come if they still are having issues navigating Gmail.  The actual training site will soon be posted.  There will also be a large number of early adopters in the district.  These early adopters will have their names posted and although they are not responsible for training, they can be a point of contact if you have a specific question.

How do I move My Contacts from Lotus to Gmail?

Each end user who wants contacts out of Lotus moved to Gmail will be able to do this once they are migrated to Gmail.   These directions will only work when you have the Lotus application open and will not work in webmail:

Can I forward the personal groups I have created in my Lotus account?

No, any personal groups will have to be recreated in your Google account once you are migrated.

Will the distribution groups that the district has be moved over to Gmail?

Yes, the distribution groups (i.e. PLMS staff, WVE staff, etc.) will be accessible in Gmail.

Adding my account to my iOS device for Gmail and Google Calendar

Removing your current iOS Gmail profile can be found here.
You will use this for downloading the Gmail and Google Calendar App. On step 2 replace ‘gmail app’ for ‘google calendar’ for downloading the Google Calendar.

1. Find the App Store on your iOS device.


2. Press search, then search for ‘gmail app’. Press ‘Get’ to download. You may be prompted for your iTunes/App Store password.


3. Find the downloaded Gmail app on your device and launch it. Go though initial start up screens.



4. On the sign in screen, login with your full district email address and password. Your all setup! You may need to adjust the notifications for this app under Settings > Notification Center.

IMG_0011 (1)


Uninstall Gmail Google Sync from your iOS device. (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


1. Find the Settings App, then select General.


2. Scroll down to ‘Profiles & Device Management’, select that.


3. Find your – Gmail for Staff, select that.



4. Select ‘Delete Profile’, then follow the steps to delete.