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Lotus to Gmail – Movement of your data!

One of the big questions, technology receives from staff is about the amount of data that will migrate from Lotus to Gmail.  Here are a few key bullet points to help with understanding the process and to help reassure end … Continue reading

Microsoft Home Use Program

Just a reminder, that as part of the district’s enterprise license agreement employees can buy a home copy of Office Professional Plus for Win or Mac.  The cost is only $9.95 which is a significant savings. PLEASE note, since we … Continue reading

My Files are Gone!

Recently we have had computers in the district get hit by malware/viruses that destroyed all of their files.  We want to take this opportunity to remind ALL users about locations which are backed up and therefore if this would occur, technology could … Continue reading

Your Google Calendar – During Migration

The migration from Lotus to Google will include all of your personal Lotus Calendar events.  We began this process a couple of weeks ago and it will continue updating data until the entire staff is migrated over on Nov. 17. … Continue reading

Where is my Google Doc?

I often hear those new to Google Drive saying they can’t find items they are looking for quickly.  Google has a powerful search feature which makes searching, sorting and previewing information inside of Drive very easy.  Another tip, use folders … Continue reading

Gmail Resources

The countdown to Gmail is 21 days away for early adopters and just over a month for all staff to move to Gmail.  The Instructional Technology Specialists have put together a great resource to support the migrations.  If you want … Continue reading

Spyware, Viruses, Malware

Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Viruses are just one of the many cyber threats in an ever growing category of “malware”. Malware is software that installs on your machine and does something unwanted. This can … Continue reading

Web Server Retirement – Thank you

Technology is pleased to announce that web pages on the old server with a URL ending in have been migrated.  This was a process that began last year and coordinated by Rusty Richards, web developer for LSR-7, and Kevin … Continue reading

Computer Updates – Why is this happening?

Some users have noticed their computers installing LOTS of Windows updates. Technology began working to remove Deep Freeze from computers last spring and finished in the summer. This was necessary in order to allow Technology to manage computers more efficiently. One … Continue reading

Copier Cards – Well Received!

To date we have given out approximately 1,844 copier cards district wide.  We have received several positive responses from the buildings.  Many of you have said you “love these cards” we are happy to hear that they are a valuable … Continue reading