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New District Copiers

On March 27, 2014, the Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education approved a contract with Konica Minolta to replace current district copiers with updated models and  scanning software for increased efficiency.  These new copiers have some great features to make workflow more efficient and create less waste of paper and resources.

Some of these features include:

Scanning software –ALL staff can scan to their Google Drive, H: drive and email

Students will have this same scanning capability as allowed by building using their own login credentials

Follow-You print –allows you to print a job and go to any district copier and release the job

This ensures security of jobs only releasing when you are there and logged into the machine

The software is set to delete jobs that are not released in a set time period.  Therefore, wasted paper and jobs are not printed and left at the copier

Color printing on copiers capable of color

Below are directions for the new copiers including the additional features of scanning and Follow-You printing.  We realize many staff members are reading this at home while on summer break.  However, since your building has been updated you should take time to review the instructions prior to coming back.  In fact, if you go to your building over summer break we encourage you to turn on your laptop and make sure the copiers appear as “printers” for you to choose from.  This process is an automatic process being pushed to your machines through group policy.  If they do not appear as printer choices, please restart your machine and give it another try.  If they are still not there, please turn in a Help Desk Ticket and we will address it quickly.


Printing and using the new copier:

Removing old copiers from your view:

Copiers will automatically map to your machine for your home school.  If you are a traveling staff member and want to print in another building, you will need to map to those copiers: