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Secondary Student Network Drives

Technology has worked this summer to migrate the remaining files from old servers to the new networked storage. In this process we standardized secondary student network drives to be the following.

  • H: This is the student’s “home” drive, same as it has been. Each student has their own.
  • P: Teachers will also have a P drive. This is the space where data is stored for many installed applications such as typing software. Permissions are limited and set specifically for what the application needs. Users should not need to interact with this drive. Applications needing this drive have been directed to the space.
  • S: This drive has 2 uses. Teacher will also see the S drive.

Student to staff file submitting (“Dropbox” folder): Student have the ability to only save to this folder. Teachers should create a folder with their name for students to submit documents that are not collect through tools such as Google Drive, Blackboard, etc. We strongly recommend you work with your students to have a descriptive file name which will provide you insight into who from and what assignment the document is. Contents of this folder will be deleted at the end of each school year.

Staff to student sharing (All other folders): Allows for staff to save documents that students reference for their courses. We recommend departments and/or teachers create folders to help keep this content organized. Students cannot save to this section of the S drive.