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Secondary Student Drop Box

For those staff members who need students to save to a shared network drive instead of Google Drive, we have a “Dropbox” folder on the server for each building.   Teachers should create a folder inside the dropbox with their name and then you can create folders for each hour for students to submit documents.   We strongly recommend you work with your students to have a descriptive file name which will provide you insight into who the file is from and what assignment the document is. Example: “JDoeHr1 Final draft” Contents of this folder will be deleted at the end of each school year.   Students can only drop files into the folder but can’t open other student’s files.

Some newer applications such as MS Office 2013 will not allow you to save without both read and write permissions. Please have students save work to their H Drive and Copy/Paste the assignment to the Drop Box folder rather than saving via the application.  Technology is investigating solutions to this issue and will provide an update when as available.  Again, this is an option for files that are not easily stored in Google Drive.