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Access Cards for Copiers

Technology has now received the cards that will access the new Konica copiers. These cards also have the built in access chip to be used as “fob” type access with a new key system that facilities will begin rolling out over the next couple of years. With this in mind, you need to treat the card as securely as you do your building fob and keys. It will be specific to you and your account. If you accidentally lose the card, you immediately report this to your administrator and they will notify technology to stop the access on that card.

If a card is found in a building, simply lay it on a copier and it will authenticate to the machine and the person’s name will appear for easy return. Do not write on the cards as they can be reissued upon an employee leaving the district. They will eventually be used as building access cards and should not have identifying information on them.

Your building administrator will be providing information to you about the issuing of cards.  If you are a traveling teacher, you will receive your access card in your home school location but it will work at all schools once you authenticate.

ONCE you received your card – Directions on how to register the card at the copier are located here. You only have to register the card one time but it will function at any building and any copier in the district.  IF THE CARD ever drops out of the database and can’t be recognized by the copier, simply follow these directions to register it again.