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Computer Updates – Why is this happening?

Some users have noticed their computers installing LOTS of Windows updates. Technology began working to remove Deep Freeze from computers last spring and finished in the summer. This was necessary in order to allow Technology to manage computers more efficiently. One of the things that Deep Freeze inhibited was the installation of Windows Updates. We are now able to manage what updates machines get centrally as well as approve and queue them for computers to install in a more timely manner.

What you have been experiencing over the last few weeks was your computer catching up on updates it has missed. Hundreds of back dated updates were reviewed and approved by a team. Some computers downloaded very few, others had some “homework” to do! Once caught up, updates will be a monthly happening with exception of urgent situations.

Windows updates are very important to ensure security of the resources we all rely on. The process now in place will increase security, provide Technology more insight into troubleshooting issues, and free up internet access for instructional access by staff and students.  PLEASE make sure you allow your machine to restart when prompted to do so as this lets the installation of updates complete.