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Spyware, Viruses, Malware

Did you know October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Viruses are just one of the many cyber threats in an ever growing category of “malware”. Malware is software that installs on your machine and does something unwanted. This can be something as simple as causing popup advertisements, destructive as corrupting files, or compromising as sending data to unknown parties.

Please help the district keep our network and computers secure by practicing some simple preventatives to keep from being tricked into downloading malware.

  • When you receive email, instant, or text messages, or messages on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: be cautious.
  • Stop and think before you click links, open photos, songs, or other attachments in a message from someone you don’t know. Be wary of “free” games, apps, and the like, which are notorious for including malware in the download.
  • Even be suspicious of links and attachments from someone within your company, especially if it’s something unexpected.
  • Just because the email message says it’s a LinkedIn update, doesn’t mean it is. You never know if a criminal has hacked into a coworker’s account, or that his or her computer has been infected with a virus that is automatically sending spam.
  • Confirm. If you think it’s suspicious, don’t click anything or use phone numbers or email addresses in the message. Instead, use a different device and another account to confirm with the sender that the message is legitimate.