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Where is my Google Doc?

I often hear those new to Google Drive saying they can’t find items they are looking for quickly.  Google has a powerful search feature which makes searching, sorting and previewing information inside of Drive very easy.  Another tip, use folders not just for organization of items inside the Drive, but also as a way to share out with a specific group.  Once the folder is created and shared with the group, any document you place in that folder can then easily retain the same sharing permissions without recreating the share.

With the right skill set you too can become a Drive master and we want to help you feel more empowered to manage your Drive.

Searching Drive – How to:

Sorting files in Drive – How to:

Previewing files in Drive – How to:

Creating folders in Drive – How to:

Sharing folders in Drive – How to:

If you still need help learning how to master your Google Drive, please reach out to an Instructional Technology Specialist.  The fastest way to get them is to submit a Help Ticket for Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS Help).  It will route directly to them!