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Your Google Calendar – During Migration

The migration from Lotus to Google will include all of your personal Lotus Calendar events.  We began this process a couple of weeks ago and it will continue updating data until the entire staff is migrated over on Nov. 17.

What does that mean for you as an individual user?

  • Your Google Calendar can be accessed by logging into your Google account and clicking on the calendar.  If you have never logged into your Google account please read this post and log in.
  • UNTIL ALL Staff are migrated over on Nov. 17, please do not use this as your main calendar.  The Lotus calendar is the fully up-to-date calendar until then.
  • When we migrate to Google, your calendar will show events fully to you as it does in Lotus.  However, the power of Google is sharing so if others search for your calendar this is fine as they WILL NOT be able to see your item details.  All events simply come in to them as FREE or BUSY.
  • If you remove the FREE/BUSY visibility all together, no one in the district will be able to invite you to a meeting using the Find Available Times feature.  More on that and specific training resources will be coming as we near the migration cut over timeline.

TEACHERS – If you have shared out your Gmail personal calendar instead of creating a Classroom Calendar and sharing that one, see an ITS so they can help you create a classroom calendar to share and keep your personal calendar private.    More on that can be found by watching this video:

If you need help learning how to create shareable calendars or just want them to double check how you created your shared calendar, please reach out to an Instructional Technology Specialist.  The fastest way to get them is to submit a Help Ticket for Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS Help).  It will route directly to them!