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My Files are Gone!

Recently we have had computers in the district get hit by malware/viruses that destroyed all of their files.  We want to take this opportunity to remind ALL users about locations which are backed up and therefore if this would occur, technology could restore files back for the end user.  All users in the district have a network drive, commonly known as their H: drive.  This is on a server with backups occurring at regular intervals.  Technology can restore back to specific points in time if an end user loses something or if files become corrupted as in the case of this virus.  Another place that all staff members have access to is their Google Drive.  This is cloud based storage and therefore safe from a virus on the hard drive.

Saving locally, commonly known as your C: drive, D: drive, Desktop, puts you at risk to lose all the files if something happens to your hard drive as in the case of these end users who were hit by a virus.  We never recommend saving important files on the hard drive of your machine.  Please take time to look at your process for saving documents and files, including student work or grades to ensure they are in a location that is backed up.