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Distribution Groups – Gmail has them too!

The process of migrating staff to Gmail also included the building of several distribution groups just like Lotus.  When a Gmail user goes to Compose an email, begin typing in the name of the building or group you wish to email and Google will auto populate matching items in the directory.

All Staff groups follow the naming convention of Staff “name of building or department”.  Example: Staff PLMS, Staff LSHS, Staff HHE.

The main difference in Gmail is that you can’t see the membership of a Group unless you are a member of that group.

Example: A member of the Staff SLC group can go into My Groups and click on the group and then click members to see the names.  ANY user with an email account can send to our distribution groups.  So in this example even if you are a staff member at another building, you can still email the Staff SLC group.