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Going Gmail – Help a Co-Worker!

Countdown to all staff being on Gmail is 10 days from today! November 17, 2014 all staff will no longer use Lotus as the district email and move to Google’s Gmail.

The first hurdle could simply be logging in for some staff members. We have asked staff to ensure they can log into their Google Apps account, but we encourage you to ask around and help those co-workers who may have never logged into Google Apps before. We know there are buildings that use it for professional development, collaboration and instruction but there are also many departments who have never used it.

We need your help – Please ask all those you work around if they know how to log into the district’s Google Apps account. If they don’t refer them to this link:

If they have a problem with their username or password, they should put in a Help Ticket immediately with the category Report a Problem > Gmail. Our staff is actively watching and addressing these items as they come in.