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Technology Account Names – Why is my name incorrect?

With the movement to Gmail we have gotten several question regarding names and users wanting to change their login names.  So, here is a little about the process to help with both understanding and process to get your name changed.

Technology creates all accounts from the fields in Employee Online (  We use the “Preferred First Name” field and “Last Name” field to populate the usernames into various systems.

For example, a staff member named Robert Smith but goes by Bob Smith would need to put Bob in the “Preferred First Name” field in Employee Online in order to have “Bob.Smith” on accounts such as Gmail.

If you are currently logging into Google Apps with a First Name that is not your “Preferred First Name”, you need to log into Employee Online and check there first to make sure you have filled the field out.  If not, please do so as it will automatically create a Help Ticket for our staff to make the change on the account.  If you log into Employee Online and it shows your “Preferred First Name” correctly but your Google Apps account does not match that, please submit a Help Ticket for the category of Report a Problem > Accounts

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the migration of staff to Gmail on Nov. 17, ALL name changes will be on hold by the technology department until all staff are logged in and using Gmail.  Our first priority is ensuring all staff get into Gmail and then we will begin processing any “Preferred First Name” changes.