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Pictures in your District Gmail Account

If you have not taken time to set up your personal settings in Gmail, you will want to make sure to do these items.  For example, I have received some emails from staff members who have not put their signature in yet.  Typically, the signature includes your name, position and contact information.  One other item, we are also asked is how to get a picture into the account.  Those directions can be found by clicking the link below.

Please NOTE – if you have a Google + account, the picture you have on that account will override the picture you place here.  So, it is good practice to go into your Google + account and review the picture you put online to make sure it is educationally and professionally appropriate as it will be the photo all your students, parents, administration, etc. see when they email you in our Google domain.

To change your Gmail picture –

To change your Google + profile picture if you have one: