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Don’t Miss out on your Email

Now that we have transitioned to Gmail it is important to know about Inbox Tabs/Categories and how Google Spam functions.  Google allows the end user to categorize incoming eMail automatically and place them into Inbox Tabs.  The problem we are continuing to see with our staff is they turn them on but then DO NOT check them.  We encourage end users NOT to use these Inbox Tabs so as not to miss important messages.  However, if you do use them you need to make sure you check them daily.  Here is a link to Google’s Inbox Tab information if you do have them turned on.

Spam – Gmail automatically helps identify spam and suspicious emails by detecting viruses, finding patterns across messages, and learning from what Gmail users like you commonly mark as spam or phishing.  However, it is always a good idea to periodically go into your Spam label and look to make sure a legitimate email sent to you did not get marked as Spam.  Google’s Spam help article contains relevant information on this topic.