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Lotus Stop Date – FAQ items

This is a reminder that Lotus will STOP all forwarding capabilities on Dec. 8, 2014.  If you have anything remaining that you need from Lotus sent to your Gmail account, please forward out to youself at your new account.  
During this process we have received several questions related to email retention and sending/saving attachments.  
To help answer those questions, here is a quick Q & A:
  • What is the district”s current retention policy? – Per Board Policy EHB-AP, the district currently has a three year retention policy on email in the system.   All incoming and outgoing electronic messages  will be saved for three years from the date of its creation.  All electronic messages  older than three years will automatically be deleted including any email in a folder or inbox.
  • Will this policy be changing?  Yes, beginning July 1, 2015 we will move to a one-year retention of email.
  • What is the best way to save attachments out of emails so I don’t lose them in the retention process?  Attachments can be downloaded and saved to your local drive, H: Drive or even better your Google Drive.  For more information on attachments see this link
  • What happens if I have an attachment to send that is large in size?  Google recommends inserting attachments via the Google Drive especially on file sizes larger than the max of 25 MB.  For information on how to insert via Drive instead of attachment, see this link.
  • Can I have better security of files attached via Google Drive instead of adding an attachment?  Yes, Google Drive is a collaborative tool that integrates with Gmail.  Therefore if you want to control who can access the file you are attaching and what rights they have when the file is shared out with them, the best way is by inserting files into an email via Google Drive button.  Here is more information on those shared settings.
  • Will Lotus remain accessible if something is needed?  The technology department continues to migrate all remaining Lotus applications and databases into new environments.  The server itself will remain up during these final few months of migration but mainly accessible by the technology department.  If you feel you will need something out of Lotus, you should make sure to forward to your new account by December 8, 2014.