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Lotus Is Retired – Applications Moved


As you know, technology will be shutting down the ability in Lotus to forward email today.  You will still be able to read email for a short time, but our end goal will be to get the system fully shut down in spring 2015 to avoid paying licensing costs on the server.   More communication will be provided once we have that end date established.    NOTE – during the week of Dec. 9-15, you may find email older than August 2014 in Lotus not accessible.  We are moving the files to another server.  Please try back after Dec. 15.
Databases and Applications inside of Lotus have also been moved.   Please see below for specific information on where to find them on the LSR7 Website under the Staff page: 
  • LSSD Database – R7 Index – This has been moved into a Google Folder accessible to all staff when they are logged into their Google Apps account.  Google Folder is called LSSD Database Index – you can either search in your Google Drive or click on the direct link found on the district Staff website.  See item #1 in the image below.
  • LSSD Phone Directory – This information has been placed in a website only accessible by staff when they log in using their computer login credentials (those are referred to as Active Directory credentials and used when you turn on your computer).  You will now be able to search for a staff member’s name and find their phone number extension easily.  Link found on Staff Page – see item #2 in the image below.
  • Administrators Only – Other applications such as CSIP, SIP, Emergency Operations Manuals, SAP, Employee Reference Tracking (ERT) can be found by clicking on the Leadership Portal link at the top of the Staff page.  You will need to log in using your Active Directory credentials to access this page.  See item #3 in the image below.
  • Mileage Database – If you are a staff member who submits in-district mileage in Lotus, you can still continue to use this system until December 19, 2014.  However, on that date you need to submit all mileage.  When you return on January 2, 2015 a new mileage reporting application will be used.  More information will be provided in a later email.