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Savings on Technology

Staff – We want to alert you to two potential savings programs you are eligible for as a staff member in Lee’s Summit.  We are simply passing this information on to each of you.    Enjoy!   Amy
Note on both of these you will verify employee status.  This is done using your new email address.
  • The first is for those using Verizon Wireless.  Employees will get the best discount on equipment on our website. If they go to the site first it will verify their 18% discount and then take them to the site to shop for devices. The discount will auto apply if they go this route. Click on Discounts and Offers for more information.
  • The second is a reminder about the Microsoft Office Professional at $9.95 for your home computer.   The good news is EVEN if you purchased before, you can purchase again because they verify with the email address.  The record of purchase with your account did not transfer over.  So, the limit on one copy will apply from this new purchase forward.   PLEASE NOTE – if you purchase we do not have access to those records nor can we reset the purchase so it is advised to get a backup copy when you exit the checkout process online.  Here is the link on this program: