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Shut Down – Why is this important?

It is extremely important that you Shut Down your computer properly each day when you leave.  We have moved to an automated process for Windows Updates which your computer goes and gets during the Shut Down phase.  We see many staff members closing the lid to a laptop or simply Logging Off at the end of the day.  This means your machine does not go get updates and therefore the update process may be forced on the machine and could take a couple of hours or more due to a large number of them coming at once.

To properly Shut Down your laptop, go to the Start Menu in the lower left corner and choose Shut Down.  If you see a message saying “Downloading Windows Updates” do not shut the lid of the laptop as this will stop the process.  The next time you turn on the machine, the computer will say “Configuring Updates” but that should not take long at all to do.
Why UPDATE?  Updates are extremely important for security and efficiency of the machine.  Microsoft sends them out automatically but we look them over before adding them to our process to ensure they are needed for our environment.