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Password Security

You may think that nobody would want to “steal” your password or try to “guess” or “hack” into one of your school accounts.  However, did you know that a weak password or leaving the default password on your account opens you up to the possibility that your account could be accessed by someone other than you?  You might also be thinking, “I hate to change passwords because we have so many systems and I can’t remember them all.”

We have some good news on that!  Technology has created a Self-Service Password Reset website.  This will allow you to easily change your password and put in a phone number for a text code to be sent to your cell phone in case you forget your password and need to reset it.  We have also worked diligently to utilize tools on the network to pass your network password along to multiple systems.  This means the same password you use to authenticate into the network is the same password for these other systems.  This is a goal we continue to work on and if software allows us to set this process up we are doing it.   For a full list of all those systems see the email I sent all staff dated Feb. 27, 2015.

Please take time to read through the Self-Service Password Reset directions and then change your password.    Directions: