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SPAM – Not the kind you eat!

Technology has gotten some questions over the past few weeks about the amount of spam and the types of spam end users are seeing in their Gmail spam label “folder”.  To help clarify we thought it best to place the information in today’s post.

Gmail automatically helps identify spam and suspicious emails by detecting viruses, finding patterns across messages, and learning from what Gmail users like you commonly mark as spam or phishing.  This is handled on Google’s end and the district does not have an additional filter in place for detecting spam like we did in Lotus.

Gmail Help and Support states, “If you click your Spam label and open one of the messages, you’ll see a warning label at the top with a brief explanation about why that particular message was placed in spam. If we think something is suspicious, we will mark the message with a warning label in your inbox for you. Use this information to protect yourself from potentially dangerous or fraudulent messages and to better understand why a message was or wasn’t marked as spam.”

Your spam folder potentially has lots of emails in it, so we offer this advice.  Ignore it…..

How?….If you do not want to see the Spam folder on the side of your screen, simply open your Gmail settings > click on Labels and select > Hide on the Spam folder.  You can then open the Spam folder at any point if you want to see if something got accidently labeled as spam by clicking the More button under your other labels “folders” on the left side of your window.  If you never touch the spam folder, the emails will automatically be deleted when they reach 30 days old.  It is perfectly fine to never open the folder.  Again, you have no need unless you know you were sent an email or someone tells you they sent an email and you can’t locate the email in your inbox.  If that is the case do a search in the Gmail search bar.  Below is a screenshot of how to to a Gmail search of the spam folder specifically.  In the example, you will see that the term “mortgage” was searched.