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Staff – End of the Year Technology Checkout Process

The end of the year will quickly be upon us and technology wants to ensure you have all items accounted for during your checkout process.  This year we will continue with an online form for Staff Checkout to make the process more efficient.  Please read these key points before completing the form.
Key items:
  • If you are a staff member who is retiring or resigning from Lee’s Summit R7 School District at the end of this school year, please mark that option on this form.
  • Staff members who have a year-round contract and are not off during the summer, do not  need to complete this form.
  • If a staff member decides not to take their laptop or other mobile technology checked out to them home, it will be the responsibility of the staff member to find a secure location in the classroom or building to lock up the laptop and any other mobile technology.
  • If you are a staff member who does not have a laptop or other mobile device, simply mark the option that states you have no technology checked out to you.
Please click on the link, enter your employee ID and complete the form based upon your information.  This must be done before you leave, but for those who want to go ahead the form is open now.