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Email Retention – Know the Facts

The district will be moving to a one-year email retention period effective July 1, 2015.  This is a change from the current three year retention period.  The procedure is being changed due to legal recommendation and is not due to storage space or size of files.

What does this mean for staff email?  Staff will only notice that email with a creation or received date that is older than one year from the current date will no longer appear in their email file.

What about old email on Lotus?  Staff have had several months to get email from their old Lotus file.  Your old Lotus file will also only have email that meets the one year retention process.  Since we migrated off of Lotus on Nov. 17, 2014, this means that the Lotus server will have all email removed via the archiving process on that same date in 2015.  There will be no email left on the system and we will shut down all access at that time.

Does this affect items in Google Drive?  No, items in Google Drive are not part of the email archives.