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Connect2Learn – New Internet Connection

Last week, the District’s Network Services team switched the district over to a new internet circuit! The connection will provide end users with 3 times more bandwidth when compared to last year. Network Services will closely monitor usage and make changes if needed to handle the internet traffic coming in and out of the district.  Though we are increasing our bandwidth, we still want to emphasize the importance of using resources wisely. Just like water or power, it is a shared resource across the entire district and there are costs associated with our consumption. Wise use of our internet helps us ensure reliable connectivity for our over 20,000 users.

Tips for staff and students:

  • Use the internet for instructional and/or business related purposes
  • If there is a video the entire class needs to watch, show it on a projector instead of each student watching the video at the same time.  This would help because only 1 device is streaming opposed to 25 or 30 devices.
  • Limit your use of online streaming for background music or other non-instructional purposes.

There are lots of things like this going on in Technology with all of our teams. Follow us on Twitter @lsr7_technology and the #r7connect2learn for continual updates.  For those techies out there, here it he picture of the new connection.  Hard to believe this supports all those users!