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Professional Development for Connect2Learn

Good technology implementations have a strong professional development component for staff that is timely and ongoing.  As the district evaluated Chromebooks, they also evaluated what additional items the vendors were willing to provide our staff to support this new learning implementation.  Dell not only understood our goal to make this not about the device but about the learning, and they offered the district a full year of professional development that is co-developed with Lee’s Summit and Advanced Learning Partnerships, ALP, to support our teaching and learning plan.

Amos Fodchuk, ALP Founder and CEO, worked with all R7 leaders this past Friday.  The focus of this full-day professional development was to Leading a Culture of Deeper Learning and supporting this in the classroom.   On August 6, the Rollout Reps for each building will receive a half-day training from ALP centered on helping teachers and digital citizenship.

Starting in August, building principals will select teachers willing to participate in a year-long  Connect2Learn teacher cohort.  Cohort participants will be provided 2 days of intensive 1:1 teaching training in the fall, followed by several reflective coaching and teaching sessions throughout the 2015-16 school year.  Cohort members will not only grow in their own teaching, but will also serve as a valuable resource for other teachers in their own buildings.
More information about the Connect2Learn Teacher Learning Cohorts can be found here: Connect2Learn Teacher Cohort Information 
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact your building principal.