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Connect2Learn – Safety and Security

As part of the Lee’s Summit R-7 Connect2Learn implementation,  the district recognizes there are processes we will put in place for safety and security such as content filters and steps to avoid theft.  However, it is just as important to understand what it means to be a digital citizen and how we can teach our staff and students this type of citizenship.

Content Filtering – Staff Information

The District is moving to  a cloud-based filter for all users. This filter is integrated with the District’s Google Apps for Education domain.  The majority of our staff sign into their Google account on their laptop, desktop or other device each day when they turn the device.

With this new content filter, users who are not logged into their Google account will be prompted with a Google login if they are trying to browse to sites in specific categories. This logon ensures that you are granted the correct access on the content filter and is required for each browser you use. For example, a user will be prompted both in Internet Explorer and Chrome if you use both for internet access throughout the day.  Once you login to your Google account you will be able to go to unrestricted sites which are allowed via the policy.

The filter aligns with the district’s Board of Education policy EHB as well as current law. The filter restricts content that would be harmful to minors or illegal for minors as well as categories such as social networking (for elementary grades) and malware. Although no content filter is foolproof, technology staff members have thoroughly tested the filter and received multiple recommendations from other districts.

Teachers – Content filtering policies will be set to match the policies last year.  Please plan to test sites prior to use in the classroom.   If you find a site blocked that you feel is blocked in error, please fill out a Technology Help Ticket using the category of  Request Access > Web Filtering Request.

Physical Device Security

To protect the digital devices, the district has taken several steps to deter theft. When an R-7 Chromebook is reported lost or stolen, technology staff will use a management console to immediately shut down the device, change the user’s password and effectively stop the device from being used by anyone. The Chromebook will display the following message: THIS DEVICE IS OWNED AND HAS BEEN REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN BY THE LEE’S SUMMIT R-7 SCHOOL DISTRICT.  Please return to this address 301 NE Tudor Rd / Lee’s Summit, MO.  These measures are designed to both help recover lost or stolen devices while making them less appealing to criminals.

Digital Citizenship

Students in the digital age require guidance and supervision to learn how to appropriately and safely use the technology tools available to them. Technology devices are outstanding learning tools, and teachers are continuing to instruct students on digital citizenship at each school and all grade levels. Families are encouraged to emphasize these lessons at home. The R-7 School District has adopted curricular materials developed by Common Sense, a non-profit organization focused on empowering children to thrive in a world of media and technology. For more information about the district’s digital citizenship program, visit the Digital Citizenship section on the Connect2Learn website.  More information about the Connect2Learn one-to-one digital device program is available on this website.