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Content Filter – FYI

The district’s new filter is web-based and requires the user to be logged into their Google account.  Most staff are regularly logged into Gmail which is the Google authentication, so no other action will be required.  If you use, multiple browsers or machines you will be prompted for your Google credentials.  For more information on this, please read Technology’s latest post on our website.
If you get the screen shot below, please go ahead and accept.
image (1)
One of most common items we get asked about is YouTube for staff.  YouTube is open for staff.  However, you have to be signed in to your account.  If you also have a personal Gmail account and stay signed in this could be the reason why it is getting blocked.  If YouTube is blocked for a staff member, they should go in the top right corner of the screen and open their account.  Click sign out and then Sign back in.  This typically fixes the issue of YouTube getting blocked.