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Student Printing from a Chromebook

As part of Connect2Learn, the district has added software to allow students the ability to print if needed.  At each school, one copier has been identified as a Cloud Printing station for student access.  The printers have been automatically shared out with students and your staff.  In order for students to print from a Chromebook, they will need to log on to their Chromebook, select what they want to print, change the Destination to a R7-Cloud-xx printer, and print.
Items to note:
1.  Students are not allowed to print in color.  If they select color, the job will just disappear.  Teachers can print in color.
2.  Jobs can take up to 5 minutes to be received and processed on the print server if they are large jobs.  Most jobs should not take more than a minute to reach the copier.
3.  If students send several different items to print, they may not be able to tell which one they want to print because the name of the document in the print list is simply a URL.  We are looking into this.
4. The software will delete jobs nightly, that are not released at the copier.  This helps save paper and reduces waste.
As a reminder, the goal is to move toward sharing of electronic resources via Google Apps for Education and reduce the amount of printing.   This option is simply for those rare times someone needs a paper copy of something.