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Gone in a Flash

Google, who is the makers of Chrome web browser, Chrome OS for Chromebooks, and Android, is phasing out their support for Flash based websites, apps, and software.

Flash player is becoming an obsolete media player due to security and compatibility issues with newer devices, apps, and websites.  But there are still a lot of flash based websites, apps, and software out there. As this phase out of Flash continues, you may notice that some of your online resources stop working, when using Google powered devices.

You can try viewing your online resource in a different web browser, such as Internet Explorer.  But if that doesn’t work, an alternative instructional resource should be found as the problem is with the website and not something district technology staff members can fix.  It will be up to the developers of those websites, apps, and software to update their product to meet the industry standards of modern technology.

Departments should start finding alternative online resources that don’t use Java, Flash, or Silverlight, and updating those on these in curriculum resources. HTML5 is becoming the new standard for web development.