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The Red Page – I’m Blocked!


The content filter is set to allow sites based upon a policy attached to each user.  In the district we have four policies that impact the majority of our users.  Those are: Staff Policy, Elementary Student Policy, Secondary Student Policy and Base Default Policy.  The policy applied to each group happens when the user logs into their Google account.  If you get the “Red Page – Blocked site” when using the internet it is important to understand why it occurred when you report the issue.   Follow these steps to understand why you are getting blocked.

  1. Click > Details link on the Red Page
  2. Check two items on the next screen:
    1. Check to see if you were given the right policy.  Example: teachers should see Staff Policy as shown in the example below.

      If you are a staff member and do not see Staff Policy, please open a Help Ticket with the Category of Report a Problem > Web Filtering.  Make sure you list details in the ticket which state the policy you were given.

    2. If the policy is accurate, check to see the category that is showing for the site.  It may be incorrectly categorized.  In this instance, Gambling is the category and it is correctly getting blocked as the category is not allowed in any policy in the district.  However, you may be trying to get to a website that is incorrectly categorized.  Technology can work with the content provider.