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Security of Your District Account

You wouldn’t go out for the day and leave your front door wide open, right? The same principle applies to the devices you use. You should always lock your screen when you leave your workstation or classroom.  We encourage all staff members to lock their desktop or laptop computer EVERY time they leave their workstation or classroom. To lock your district desktop or laptop simply press Windows Key + L.

Added Level of District Protection – Beginning Friday, Nov. 18

To ensure that a device is not left unattended for a long period of time, the district will be applying a forced screensaver.  This additional level of protection is part of our continued focus on staff and student data security within the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.  The forced screensaver will be applied after 50 minutes of inactivity by the user on the desktop or laptop computer.

What does this mean? If a staff member’s desktop or laptop computer is left unattended for 50 minutes, a screensaver will appear.  The staff member will be required to enter their password to open the device.
Why 50 minutes?  There are times a teacher needs to have content showing on the projector but the content is static meaning they are not at their machine.  We wanted to ensure the content could stay up for a full class period.
If I am presenting using my computer, will the screensaver appear after 50 minutes?  No, the screensaver will only appear if the computer or laptop has not been touched for 50 consecutive minutes.
Why is this protection important to me?  Each end user has specific rights and roles assigned to them via the logon to the computer.  These rights allow that user to get into areas of the network, including software programs, specific to their job.  As an end user, you are responsible for all activity on the network that occurs under your login.  This is a protection for yourself as an end user to ensure you are fully aware of all activity on the network while you are logged into a device.
Should I lock the computer or laptop when I step outside my classroom or work space?

Absolutely, you should NOT leave your computer logged on AND unattended. You are responsible for anything that occurs under your log in. It is very simply to lock using Windows Key + L.

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