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Google Drive – Transfer of Ownership

As we prepare to end the school year, technology would like to alert you to items that may need your attention before you leave for the summer.   Here are some important notes to ensure you don’t lose items in Google Drive:

  • Specific to this time of year, we have staff who will be retiring or simply leaving the district.  If you have a document shared with you and a retiree or a person leaving is the owner, it will GO AWAY when they leave.  An automated process in the district will remove their account and when that happens you no longer see documents from that person.

  • Much like the above, if you have a document shared with you and the owner decides to trash the document it will no longer be available to you either.


How can you ensure this does not happen to a document shared with you?

  1. RECOMMENDED process:  Ask the owner of a document to transfer ownership over to you.  Here is a quick video to show how to do multiple transfers at one time.

    1. NOTES:

      1. Please pay attention to the documents as you would not want to share FERPA data with staff members who should not see the student data.

      2. Also, transferring ownership rights to a folder DOES NOT transfer the ownership rights of the items inside the folder.  You must follow the directions in the video to transfer all items inside the folder.

  2. Simply make a copy of any document, sheet or slide deck that you are not the owner of, and you will then become the owner of the copy.  This means that even if we delete a retiree’s account or a person trashes a document, you will have a copy.  You can make copies of multiple items all at one time, by following these directions.  NOTE: holding Ctrl down while clicking on multiple files allows you to select them all at one time.

If you have questions about the process or need help, please reach out to a member of the technology department.