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District Continues to Focus on Student Online Safety

Thanks to input from all stakeholders (parents, students, teachers and administrators), the district will move forward with access changes to the Chrome Web Store on January 6, 2020.  Starting 2nd semester, students will only have access to district-approved apps and extensions that are located in the LSR-7 Student Web Store.  There will no longer be open access to the Chrome Web Store. 

Technology has loaded all of the instructional apps and extensions that have been previously approved to the LSR7 Student Web Store. Teachers and students will follow the existing online apps, tools, and resources approval process if they find that an app or extension is needed for instruction but missing from the Chrome Web Store. 

This change adds additional support to the Securly At-Home content filtering parent/guardian access and  helps keep the focus of the Chromebook as a safe, educational resource for all students. More information on the Securly At-Home options can be found here.