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YouTube – Understanding Restricted Mode

The Lee’s Summit School District is required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Board Policy EHB to have a content filter in place to restrict student access to content that is considered illegal for students.  YouTube moved content … Continue reading

Gone in a Flash

Google, who is the makers of Chrome web browser, Chrome OS for Chromebooks, and Android, is phasing out their support for Flash based websites, apps, and software. Flash player is becoming an obsolete media player due to security and compatibility issues … Continue reading

Student Problems with Chromebooks

As the district prepares for Day 1 of school tomorrow, we wanted to remind staff that student problems (damage, loss, etc.) with their Chromebook are processed at the logistics desk in each school.  Please do not enter a ticket into … Continue reading

Student Printing from a Chromebook

As part of Connect2Learn, the district has added software to allow students the ability to print if needed.  At each school, one copier has been identified as a Cloud Printing station for student access.  The printers have been automatically shared … Continue reading

Content Filter – FYI

The district’s new filter is web-based and requires the user to be logged into their Google account.  Most staff are regularly logged into Gmail which is the Google authentication, so no other action will be required.  If you use, multiple … Continue reading

YouTube Tip for Staff

It is important to understand how YouTube works on the new content filter.  Here are some basics for you to remember. Students at the secondary level have access to YouTube Students at the elementary level DO NOT All staff have … Continue reading

Connect2Learn – Safety and Security

As part of the Lee’s Summit R-7 Connect2Learn implementation,  the district recognizes there are processes we will put in place for safety and security such as content filters and steps to avoid theft.  However, it is just as important to understand what … Continue reading

Loading Issues with Gmail

8/3 Many users are experiencing issues with Gmail not loading. Please complete the following steps in attempt to clear up the issue with your machine: Open Chrome. On your browser toolbar, click the Chrome menu . This is the 3 dark … Continue reading